The Key Benefits of Social Media for Business

Social Media has become essential for doing business, improving brand reputation and converting sales across all types of industries and business sizes.

Global brands such as Coca Cola use Facebook to offer customer support, launch new productsand share news related to the business. Australian online shops such as The Beach People use Instagram to post inspiring lifestyle pictures and quotes, promote new products, advertise sitewide sales and engage with customers. Likewise humble local startup business like Luxe Yoga use both Facebook and Instagram to launch their business, gain customers and showcase their various services.

If you’re wondering how social media can benefit your business, read these 3 key points below.

1. Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty

When you have an active social media presence, you make it easier for your current and potential customers to find and connect with you. Today many consumers search business websites, Facebook and Instagram pages prior to and after making purchase decisions to determine how reputable a brand is and how engaged they are with existing customers. By communicating with your customers on social media through frequent posts and replies, you’re more likely to increase and maintain customer and brand loyalty. 

2. Pinpoint targeting to reach your desired audiences

The great thing about advertised posts on Facebook and Instagram is that unlike traditional means of advertisement such as billboards, TV, radio, and magazines that reach a broad market, your social media ads can be targeted to reach a very niche audience based on age, location, household type, relationship status, estimated yearly income, shopping habits, interests, language spoken and much more. By using specific targeting for your Ads you will reach your desired audience and meaningfully showcase your brand to potential customers.

3. Track content and advertising dollar spend

Social Media is highly traceable through the easy Facebook and Instagram analytics that track your pages performance such as the number of people who have seen your posts, been engaged, liked your page, visited your page and much more. These insights are particularly helpful for understanding how successful your social media posts have been and who has been engaged with your content.

Through Facebook and Instagram Ads you choose where you want your Ads to be placed, length of Ad display and how much will be spent, whether it be $5 or $500 on a campaign. During and after Ad campaigns you can track how many people have been reached, the demographics of engaged target audiences, website clicks, page likes and much more to determine how successful each Ad has been.


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